Pink Panther Studio Club

Pink Panther Studio Club

What it is:
Love our workshops and want to take more, but shooting on a tight budget? Not a problem.  At Pink Panther Studios we offer a bulk purchase plan.

When you buy 2 or more session at any given time you save $$$.  The more sessions you buy, the more you save.

How It works:
The discounts are based on a standard Pink Panther Workshop Session of $125. When you purchase a session at a discount, I add the appropriate amount of studio cash credits to your account to top it up.

If your purchase 4 sessions at $125.  The cost to do this individually is $500.  With the Bulk purchase discount of 20%, you pay $400 and I add a $100 studio cash credit to your account. 

How to purchase a bulk plan:
It's easy.  At the right of this page you'll see a Paypal link that will offer the 10%, 15% or 20% savings option.

How to RSVP for Session:
That's easy too.  Just email me either through the Meet-up site or at and let me know which session you want to register for and I'll add you to the RSVP list.

Q: What if the session I register for is more than $125?
A: the difference can either be paid at the session or deducted from your account.

Q: What if the session I register for is less than $125?
A: Not a problem.  Your account is only debited the amount of the session.  If its less.  great! that means more credits to use on future workshop sessions.

Q: Do I have to use the studio credits up by a certain time?
A: yes.  But you have an entire year, 12 months from the time of purchase.

Q: Does the cancellation policy still apply when I register via the Bulk plan?
A: Yes. We need to enforce a cancellation policy for those who cancel same day or not show up all together with no notice.  We did however, waive the multi-day cancellation notice.

Meet up Cancellation Policy

Up to 24 Hrs: refund or workshop credit available.  A $25 admin fee will apply.  waived
Within 24 Hrs: refund or workshop credit available.  A $50 admin fee will apply.  
No show: no refund - sorry, but a potential member who would have luv'd your spot!