Monday, October 28, 2013

Día de Muertos

Día de Muertos by Toni Wallachy
Día de Muertos, a photo by Toni Wallachy on Flickr.

Breaking the Rules ...

How many times have you heard me say, "you cant break the rules until you know them??" Well, here is one such example of breaking the rules.

In our studio and field mentoring sessions we always say look for the catch light in the eyes. The eye's need to be alive. But when you have an amazing subject matter and set design that says "I need to be like the walking dead" ... then lifeless eyes, are maybe what you need to convey the story and emotion. I think it works extremely well for this Día de Muertos image.

Model: Chanelle Preradovich
MUA: Shaelyn Zg
Photo / post: Toni Wallachy, Orangeroads Photography
Pink Panther Studios session: Sugar Skull Sunday October 27, 2013